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MOCHA (Mothers of Children Having Allergies) is a group of parents sharing information and supporting each other. MOCHA started in Chicago, yet our members are from around the United States. We currently offer a robust newsletter sharing current news, opportunities for learning, and ways to engage with fellow food allergy families, advocate, and find support. Our website is packed with carefully curated resources. Members of MOCHA know how frightening it can be to learn that your child has been diagnosed with severe, often life-threatening allergies. Rest assured, you are not alone! We’ve all been there, and that’s why we formed MOCHA – to give you tips for dealing with the day-to-day aspects of managing food allergies and to help you cope with the stress that goes along with it. MOCHA realizes that every family’s situation is unique, but we can offer practical, general, and non-medical advice that has worked for us. Through our newsletters and online information sharing, MOCHA offers support, education, and – best of all – friendship to help make managing your child’s food allergies a little bit easier.


MOCHA’s mission is to help parents and caregivers of children with food allergies. By providing information and opportunities, we aim to make living with allergies just a little bit easier. We at MOCHA believe it’s our job as parents and caregivers to give our children the education, encouragement, experience, and enthusiasm to get out into the world and safely live their lives to the fullest.


Kill 'em with Kindness!!

MOCHA’s Medical Advisors
Ann & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
Phone: 312-227-6010

Ruchi Gupta, MD, (Bio)
Attending Physician, Advanced General Pediatrics and Primary Care
Professor of Pediatrics

Sarah Boudreau-Romano, MD, (Bio)
Attending Physician, Allergy & Immunology
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Allergy and Immunology)

Sai R. Nimmagadda, MD (Bio)
Attending Physician, Allergy and Immunology
Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Allergy and Immunology)

MOCHA Partnerships

MOCHA Partnerships: Our mission at MOCHA is to empower and support the entire food allergy community! By coming together, we are stronger. That's why we often collaborate with other organizations. We are thrilled to share our partnerships with Food Allergy Research Education (FARE) and The Center for Food Allergy and Asthma Research (CFAAR), part of the Institute for Public Health and Medicine (IPHAM) at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago (CFAAR). Don’t miss our MOCHA Talks series, brought to you by FARE, on YouTube. Additionally, we continue to work with the CFAAR team to support their valuable work in food allergy and asthma research and to increase awareness on these crucial topics.

Food allergy friends make your life seem normal