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MOCHA expresses deep appreciation to the following individuals who continually go above and beyond to provide the services necessary to accomplish our mission:

Current Helpers

MOCHA Interns:
Julia Auerbach-active
Pranav Bajaj-active
John Kosner-active
Ryan Smith-active
Susan Tatelli-active
Tori Appelt-retired
Hannah Safron-retired

Morgan Smith
Website Management

Previous Helpers

Larry Bluestone
Overture Premiums & Promotions
Your single source for promotional products, apparel, and much more

Carmen-Rae Carlson
MOCHA Coordinator, Emeritus
Website Creation, Editing and Management

Amy Charlson Design
MOCHA Logo and Branding

Jerry Kahn
Post Net, Lake Forest
Printing, Copying, Mailing, Typesetting

Kelly McCready
Website Management, MOCHA Coordinator, Emeritus

Sometimes a hug from another allergy mom is really what I needed. What a relief to have a trusted resource on the web for all the information we need. Sharing with those that are ‘walking in the same moccasins’ gives me the courage I need. I cry every time I watch that FAP video. It’s powerful! Will we ever be able to not worry? Those power emails are saving me. I just can’t keep up with all the current info. I don’t know what I would have done without MOCHA. You really are the source for food allergy Cliff notes! I feel relieved to be able to laugh and cry with others like me. How did you do this without a support group years ago? Does this get easier? I have to admit, I’m really glad Anne and Denise went through this with their kids before me. How do I make a cake with no milk and eggs? Do any fast food places have anything safe? I enjoy the “Cheat and Eats” because we have no allergenic foods in my house. Thanks for training me with the Auvi-Q and Epi-pen. I feel more confident knowing I at least know what to do with the “real thing. So I’m really NOT crazy? I was so excited to find a resource for moms like me and my food allergic child. Where do I find… How can we travel? How will we ever send our food allergic child to college? DATING?!!? I need more info on OIT… Can you connect me with a doctor that… I enjoy the comradery at the Conferences, Walks and Luncheons.