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If you are a parent in a food-allergic family and are visiting our website for the first time, we assume that you love your children and look forward to seeing the kind of adults they will become.  We also know that you struggle with the life-altering, daily challenges facing those who suffer from severe allergies to common foods.

Like millions of other American parents, you may also view food allergy as much more than an inconvenience – to you, it is a matter of life and death. If so, you know the stakes are high. And although you may be a private person by nature, as we certainly were, we are asking you now to step up and become a more public advocate on behalf of your food allergic children.

Please click the appropriate links on the pages of our website and take some concrete steps to help. Join forces with other concerned parents, researchers, educators and experts. Write to your legislators and advocate for increased federal resources for food allergy research and for standardized food allergy protocols in our public schools. Make time for your family to join a scientific study so that your information can help us all find a cure. Contribute to fundraisers and encourage others to contribute as well.

Make your voice heard. Help save children’s lives. Thank you!

Watch a powerful 12-minute DVD that educates and motivates audiences all over the country! (QuickTime required to view video. To download QuickTime7, click here.)  

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After three long years of hard work by the Illinois food-allergic community, Illinois House Bill 281 became law in 2009.  HB281 provides for the development of a statewide school policy for students with food allergies, and will thereby relieve many food-allergic families from struggling to get the proper attention their children need in order to remain safe at school.  As of January 1, 2011, all Illinois school districts are required to implement a policy based on these guidelines.

For a short summary of the law, click here.


How to C.A.R.E.™ for Students with Food Allergies: What Educators Should Know, is a FREE interactive online course that provides an anytime, any place education solution for school personnel. Developed in partnership with leading organizations and critically evaluated by health professionals and educators, this innovative course is designed to help Boards of Education and school personnel prevent and manage emergency situations. This may well become the “gold standard” for food allergy education courses for school nurses, administrators, teachers, and other school personnel.  Download a flyer from the site which you can give to your school personnel.  Check it out at www.allergyready.com.


Illinois has also passed an Emergency Epinephrine Act which allows any school to voluntarily keep an emergency supply of epinephrine auto-injectors on hand. These school supplied auto-injectors may be used by school staff for any child who has a written plan in place and by school nurses when they assess that a student is having a life-threatening allergic reaction.


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