We know you need reliable resources that help make this journey smoother. The following links in MOCHA’s Resource section include resources that we have found helpful. This is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list of resources – just some that have been beneficial to MOCHA members. Always check with your medical provider about the information you receive from the internet and others. Please note that MOCHA does not endorse any entities, businesses, or individuals mentioned in this website. They are for reference only. Visitors should seek medical advice from their healthcare provider before making any changes regarding healthcare for themselves and their families.

Denise and Anne’s Tip Corner

Sharing their food allergy wisdom, here are a few of MOCHA Co-Founder’s favorite tips:

Life tips:

  • When someone says we get food allergies, keep talking. Those can be the scariest! They think they get it, but they may not.
  • Make Lemonade out of the lemons.
  • Find the silver lining.
  • Have a partner in crime who will become your food allergy bestie.

For weddings and banquets:

Contact early and don’t stop until you are sure the caterer, venue, and staff “get Your food allergy situation.”


Carry extra meds and food translation cards for chefs, and learn how to dial for emergency services in each country you’re visiting. Each country can be different, and 911 is not universal.

Have all your doctor info and medication info on your phone and printed out. When traveling at all (even locally), make sure to have a few safe snacks in your backpack in case you get delayed.

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