We know how hard it is to live with food allergies 24-7. Often, parents and their children feel overwhelmed and alone. That’s why we started MOCHA here in Illinois. But we grew quickly to national conversations! Today, MOCHA hopes you use this website to find essential resources, conferences, summits, support, and events. Our goal is to uplift our food-allergy families who can share challenges and triumphs so that parents, caregivers, and their children can experience fellowship and camaraderie whenever they choose to connect.

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Find Local and Virtual Support Groups

AAFA Support Group Finder (Virtual and International)
FAACT Recognized Support Group Finder
FARE Recognized Support Group Finder
No Nuts Moms Group (Finder and link to Facebook Support Groups – nationally and locally)

Don’t have a support group in your area? Consider starting one! Visit MOCHA’s How to Start a Support Group resource to learn more!

Together, we are stronger.

Live in Chicago? Explore the Food Allergy Support & Education (FASE) Program!

The Lurie Children’s Hospital FASE program hosts monthly Essentials of Food Allergy Workshops and topic-based workshops on back-to-school, traveling, parental anxiety, holiday preparation, current food allergy research, and more. They also host Kids’ Food Allergy Hangouts for patients and friends of Lurie Children’s that give children with food allergies opportunities to be with other children who share their experiences. The FASE program is led by Sarah Boudreau-Romano, MD, allergist and food allergy mom. To sign up for the workshops or the hangouts, please register here.

Annual Learning Opportunity

Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) annually hosts a Food Allergy Summit. This in-person event will bring together people impacted by food allergies for three days of educational sessions, insightful discussions, and meaningful connections. All are welcome – including adults, parents, teens (11 and up), and healthcare and nutrition professionals. Check it out!

Give yourself space and grace.
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